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I’m wearing my black hoodie today. So what if hits 90? Trayvon Martin is dead, guilty of walking while black, and his killer isn’t even guilty of manslaughter. We should all be wearing sackcloth and ashes today.

Trayvon Martin went to the store to buy some Skittles and stumbled into America’s awful crossroads of racism and demented gun laws. Because he was young and black and male, he caught the eye of a man who was looking for trouble and was, unfortunately, armed.

Put on a black hoodie. Look yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself: would George Zimmerman have come after me? We’ll never know exactly what went down that day. But we all know Trayvon is dead because of his race, his gender, and his youth.

And because George Zimmerman had a gun. Whether or not Zimmerman had the “stand your ground” law in mind when he got out of his car with that gun strapped to his hip, today he’s a free man because Florida law says that if you go looking for trouble carrying a gun, it’s not your fault if an innocent boy is killed when the trouble fights back.

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