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The Author

I grew up on stories of adventure. Different worlds from the one I was stuck in, as a teenager in suburban New Jersey. I read stories and heard stories and loved stories. As a kid, my English mom hopscotched around the world, dodging air raids and German U-boats.  As a boy my Dutch dad spent time in a Nazi prison camp and was seventeen when he escaped.

And then there were the books. Fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi. Lots of dog stories. I was the poster child for the Chester Public Library.

But no one can read all the time. So I also became a runner, trained dogs, and worked in an animal shelter. I watched my grandmother grow old and saw my brothers make some really bad choices. Life-threatening choices. I made a few of those myself.

When I grew up I went to South America. I worked as a journalist and traveled through jungles and deserts, met presidents and terrorists. I lived through a war. It was exciting. It was terrifying, awful, and heartbreaking. Sometimes the worst things make you feel the most alive.

My books are about that. The things that make you feel alive. I put strong kids in unusual situations, dangerous situations. Then I see what happens.

My books are like Role Playing Games. What if you died and woke up as a god on another planet? What if your best friend became a terrorist? What if you were the only person who could save the life of a huge and truly awesome dog, not to mention the life of your own brother?

What would you do?