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Of Cabbages and Kings

In A Wrinkle in Time, Meg Murry sets out across the universe and her launchpad is a vegetable garden. That’s where she returns, too. Having tesseracted to a distant galaxy, she reappears in our world in a broccoli patch.

I’ve been thinking about Madeleine L’Engle lately. And about vegetables, since yesterday, when I sliced a red cabbage in half. Because of all the beautiful things in yesterday’s beautiful day, that red cabbage was the most startling. The moon last night was lovely and luminescent, but not startling. The red cabbage, on the other hand, was a sneak attack of the magical into the ordinary.cab1

In a recent email from Sojourners magazine, Jim Wallis writes, “Hope is not a feeling. It’s a decision.”

Which means, I think, that you have to seek goodness and beauty in the ordinary as well as the extravagant. In the broccoli as well as the supernova, in the cabbage as well as the Christmas cradled moon. I don’t guess we can persevere against all the evil and heartbreak in this world if we don’t, every now and then, slice into a red cabbage and delight in its humble heart.




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