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How do you blog? How do you introduce yourself to an audience that’s just sort of . . . potentially . . .  out there? I don’t know have a clue, so I thought I’d start with a sort of mission/vision thing.

Who am I? I’m a writer and a reader, a runner and a teacher, a mother and a wife, in no particular order.

What do I do? I write YA historical fiction and sci-fi/fantasy. I teach Spanish in a local school. I train for a marathon. That’s singular. A marathon. I may never do another, but I’ve got one in March and that puts training on my to-do list.

What do I love? My family and my friends. (Well, duh.) My students. Dogs. Books, especially YA historical fiction and sci-fi/fantasy. Running.

What do I care about? Human rights. Torture sucks and discrimination bites. Every kind of torture, including waterboarding. Every kind of discrimination, whether it’s because someone is old or female or poor or a different color, whether someone prays to a different god or falls in love with men instead of women or vice versa. People are different. Let them be.

What do I want? I want the world to stay wild and beautiful. With polar bears and wolves and places where I can run for ten miles without hearing a car. I live in a suburb and I say hello to every crow I see. I saw a bald eagle at our neighborhood lake once, but I see murders of crows (that’s what you call a flock of crows) every day. Sometimes they wake me, shouting from my rooftop. I wonder what they’re saying. Crows are wild, and I get a thrill whenever wilderness breaks through the asphalt. To paraphrase Whitman, I believe that a crow is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels. But let’s leave room for the wolves, too.

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